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TRNSMT: Greater police controls wanted after festival visitors poo in streets

Residents living near to Glasgow Green have said they were scared to leave their homes after reports of public urination, defecation and drinking in their streets during TRNSMT.


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  1. Maggie Lennon Maggie Lennon

    I don’t want more police or greater police vigilance. I want the travesty that is holding a 3 day rock festival in a small space in the densely populated part of Scotland’s major city addressed. The venue has to change to some other part of the city which is less close to residents and less close to easy and cheap supplies of alcohol.

    • Bee Stuttard Bee Stuttard

      Same Maggie. I was open to great consultation but am now convinced that we will get nothing more than lip service. The organisers have had three years to make improvements and it has just got worse.

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