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Councillor Robert Connelly TRNSMT

Councillor Robert Connelly TRNSMT

Feedback from Robert Connelly following TRNSMT 2018.

I believe that the amount of events this year has been very difficult and far too much for Glasgow Green to handle. Some events this year like the European Championships are not on every year and because of this I thought the number of events would go down compared to this year

I have been in contact with some residents in Lanark Street and the surrounding area since July last year around these issues. I put in representation on behalf of residents to the TPEL for TRNSMT 2018. I have also been questioning people that organise these events as a member of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee. I have also spoken to Land and Environmental Services officers regarding these issues before.

I know that after a lot of pushing from myself and I’m sure other Calton councillors the administration agreed to have a Parks Review which was to involve events held in parks. I have been asking for updates all year on this and have yet to hear much back. I asked a question about this at the last full council meeting in June and was told that a report on the parks review will come to the Environment Committee after recess. The next meeting of that committee will be on the 28th of August. Hopefully I will have more information then.

Overall I agree with your comments and I do think a better balance can be struck between events and residents use of the park and I am working to get this balance correct.

I will try to get information from officers about the issues you have raised. Nobody should feel like they are being forced from their homes or having to leave the area completely. You and other residents do have my support on this.

In addition, here is a copy of the representation he submitted on behalf of residents around Glasgow Green to the Licensing and Regulatory Committee prior to TRNSMT 2018.

I would like to raise a number of points about TRNSMT 2018 for this committee and DF Concerts to consider before making a decision at committee.

The list of points are;

  1. We need improvements for the stewarding to ensure local people are kept safe before, during and after the concert. Can DF Concerts provide a detail plan of stewarding for the time they are in the park? I believe this would good for the committee.
  2. Many complaints have been made about DF Concert closing off the entire park for around a month in preparation for the event. People need to know the details of how much and for how long parts of the park will be closed. In meetings with councillors, council officers, DF Concerts and community council reps this has been discussed. Can we get the full details of this? What parts will be opened to the public and when.
  3. The park was damaged by last year’s event and I would like to hear what is going to be done this year to stop this from happening again. Also what compensation DF Concert will pay for damages to the park for the event last year. This includes the bio-diversity site within the park that was damaged at the event last year.
  4. I would ask if the committee would like to lower the decibel frequency allowed for this event due to the many noise complaints made last year and the residential area that Glasgow Green is surrounded by, which the event is held in. Also many complaints came from the low frequencies making constant and I want reissuances that this has been looked at and will improved this year.
  5. Many residents do believe that the consultation process for this year’s event has not being great. There has been briefing meetings with community council reps, council officers, DF Concerts and local councillors. The only event held for the wider public about TRNSMT 2018 was held the day before the licensing deadline. This is a process that must be improved upon. This would be for both DF Concerts and the council also. This is an issue that hits all events not just DF Concerts and TRNSMT.
  6. Some residents have attended local meetings put on by LES for DF Concerts to deliver briefings, but there is anger and frustration that the purpose of these is perceived to be delivering decisions that have already been made, rather than listening and making decisions based on local community input.
  7. The lack of communication with residents by the local authority responsible for authorising use of the park for this event, along with their view that no one is responsible for coordinating consultation with the community apart from the individual event organiser, leaves a lack of clarity over the implications of security and restrictions for residents, leads to anxiety and discontent with the uncertainty about being able to get to work and back, to go out to the shops, socialise or visit a health centre, welcome friends, family or visitors.
  8. At the drop in event it was disclosed to some residents that there is a proposal to close Greendyke Street between London Rd and Charlotte Street from 16 June-16 July for construction traffic. Nowhere is this marked on the site plan nor is this information been provided at previous LES briefings. This will create gridlock on London Rd, High Street, Saltmarket. This should have been disclosed beforehand I believe this not a good idea and definitely be changed.
  9. I would also want to how much of a community benefit from TRNSMT this year. Since the local community has to put up with a lot of things due to the event there should be a better attempt in future by DF Concerts for community benefit.

I put forward this representation to bring issues to the committees’ attention and for the committee to ask questions to the applicants. This is to help the committee come to decision with more information that I have got from residents around Glasgow Green.

Contact Councillor Robert Connelly and let him know what you think about TRNSMT here. 

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  1. Mairi Mairi

    “The only event held for the wider public about TRNSMT 2018 was held the day before the licensing deadline”. No time for representations or objections.

    It is disappointing this scenario was repeated in 2019 with the only Trnsmt 2019 drop in event held for the wider public being on 30 April, a bank holiday weekend followed, meaning there were only 3 working days ( 1 & 2 May & 7 May before the license hearing on 8 May. Objection made on 2 May was deemed too late to be heard.

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