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Pauline McNeil MSP TRNSMT

Pauline McNeil MSP TRNSMT comments

The following is a summary of what was discussed following a meeting with Pauline McNeil MSP in 2018. This was shared with residents of Lanark Street but is relevant to the wider Glasgow Green community.

Pauline McNeil MSP has now been and was sympathetic to our issues. We mentioned issues around noise, vibration, disruption to services, etc. (Among other issues).

She is not against events being held in the Green, but is concerned about the type and amount. She was surprised at the closure of the Green between events.

She is also willing to help us should we decide to launch a campaign on this issue (including getting involved with any press). She has asked that we (as a group) come back to her with anything we would like her to help with at this stage (bearing in mind that we don’t have a Labour government or council).

She has warned that to go forward with an “against all events” campaign might be counterproductive at the moment. It might (rightly or wrongly) be seen as being “anti-Glasgow” and gather little sympathy from people outside of our community. Instead, she has recommended that we go forward with calls for real consultation and better planning. She also feels that we should be very nervous about the number/scale of events creeping up year-on-year without challenge.

While I agree with her stance, I realise that not everyone might, so I’m going to suggest that we coordinate at the next residents meeting and that any “community stance” is then shared on here for input/amends/agreement.

Things that she did suggest we do:

  • Try and find out more about the legality of having events at Glasgow Green. Does the trust put any restrictions on usage? {NOTE: Fields in Trust subsequently referred us back to the local council when we contacted them about this}.

  • Try and demonstrate the increase of events at Glasgow Green over the past 5/10 years. Apparently, there is a legal argument we can use if we can show that things have changed significantly. This will also be helpful if the amount of events increases further

  • Liaise with other residents across Glasgow who are having similar issues (e.g. those next to Kelvingrove). This should amplify our voices

  • See if we can find out how the money raised by the events actually helps residents in this area. And investigate if there are any negative consequences.

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