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John Mason Feedback – TRNSMT 2019

One constituent received the following response from John Mason MSP after raising her concerns about the 2019 event. She added:

After reading it my impression is that John Mason is pro TRNSMT and isn’t really concerned about taking any of my points further.

Essentially he suggests that if I don’t like it I should move away.  Why should I move away from my home of 8 years, the business I own in the area and my friends because of the start of an event that wasn’t in existence when I moved here?  Having no family in Glasgow I rely on the social connections I have made living here and to leave my home start again in another area will not be initially stressful but I think will cause me longer term mental strain.  However, given the attitude of members of government and local council towards residents in the area it is something that I am having to consider.

As we know there are lots of members of our local community who were born and raised, spent all their lives, in this area.  Should they also be told to uproot themselves from their family, friends and area that generations before them have habited?  I assume John Mason’s response to this question would also be yes, as I did not include any information about my connection to the area in my complaint to him.

I believe that this is a mild form of social cleansing of the area, to create what would essentially be a transient community.


Download and read John Mason’s response here.


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