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Councillor Greg Hepburn TRNSMT response

Greg Hepburn TRNSMT responses

Feedback from Greg Hepburn following TRNSMT 2018.

2018 has been particularly difficult for residents with both the European Championships and other annual events.

I agree that a balance has to be struck and my view is that at present we have too many events during the summer months when people should be able to access the park.

I’ve been making this case in Council for some time and LES who manage our parks are currently conducting a review that I am hopeful will lead to some progress. I am not against events being held and think they are part and parcel of our area, but we have many parks across Glasgow and as such we have an opportunity to make better use of them as well.

I can’t and wouldn’t promise that Glasgow Green won’t continue to be the city’s premier event space, but I can assure you that this is an issue that the Council has been made aware of and is looking to address in some way.

One suggestion I have made is guaranteeing time every summer in which no events take place at the Green.

Feedback from Greg Hepburn prior to TRNSMT 2017

I completely understand your annoyance with the lack of consultation. One question we asked yesterday (via Cllr Mhairi Hunter, who represents the ward south of the river) was; “What consultation took place before the decision to host this event was made?”

The answer that we all knew was coming was a very round about way of saying “none”. I’ve asked LES today about local residents who want to observe the elected members meeting on 28th Feb, but haven’t had a reply as of yet.

I’ll have your questions (and FOGGs/some residents from Monteith Row, who I’ve been in touch with) printed out in front of me at the meeting. I’m intending to ask everything.

One idea I want to push is to have Greendyke Street blocked to attendees, with only residents and emergency services granted access. What do you think?



You can contact Councillor Hepburn and let him know how you feel about TRNSMT here.

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