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Alison Thewliss – call for feedback over TRNSMT 2019

TRNSMT 2019 – your feedback is wanted!

Alsion Thewliss MP has had a number of complaints from local residents about disruption and anti-social behaviour in connection to TRNSMT 2019 over the weekend.

She will be raising these complaints with organisers, Council and Police.

Please email her on and make sure we are heard!

You can also find out more about Alison here. 

Find out what other politicians have said about TRNSMT.

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  1. owen meharry owen meharry

    I think turning our Streets especially Saltmarket into Huge Beer Gardens and Police withdrawing to Side streets effectively Non Policing the area and allowing Kids to get into a stupor and coupled with the Heat a recipe for disaster. One guy thought he would hide in my close to Urinate he was in front of Glass Wall and did not know that the kind of Kids we saw over weekend

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