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Adam Tomkins MSP TRNSMT Response

Adam Tomkins MSP TRNSMT Response

Feedback from Adam Tomkins MSP following TRNSMT 2018

Thank you for writing to me to express your concerns about the use of Glasgow Green for events.

I have received a number of emails from constituents like yourself who are concerned about the increased number of events that are being held in Glasgow, especially from residents around Glasgow Green. I wrote to the council last year to raise legitimate concerns which had been brought to me, specifically about the consultation process and operation of the TRNSMT festival. It is important that local residents are consulted before large events, as it is they who will be most inconvenienced. Improvements can always be made during consultation processes, so it is important that local residents participate in them and work with local community councils and councillors to ensure that the city council is aware of all points of view.

As you may be aware, it was estimated that TRNSMT brought around £10m into the Glasgow economy – this is revenue we can frankly ill afford to lose. I believe that with the right planning and consultation, inconvenience to local residents can be kept to a minimum and Glasgow can benefit in the broadest sense from hosting large scale events.

Among my key interests as a Glasgow MSP is to ensure that the city is open for business. Festivals, gigs and the broad range of events that come to Glasgow each year are vital to our city’s economy. They ensure that our bars, restaurants and hotels remain busy and that employment in these sectors is maintained. Quality events will also encourage people from other parts of the UK (and further afield) to visit Glasgow.

In my role as an MSP, I will always seek to represent the views of my constituents and assist where I can to resolve problems. I share your love of and concern for our parks and other public spaces and want to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standard and remain freely available to residents and visitors. At the same time, however, economic growth, securing employment and promoting Glasgow’s reputation both at home and abroad is extremely important; and the city as a whole clearly benefits from being a popular place to visit and a vibrant place to live.

If you have specific complaints about the consultation process in advance of any major event; concerns about the way any events are run or suggestions about how things can be improved, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will write to the council or any other organisation on your behalf.

In the meantime, thank you for talking the time to write to me.

Adam Tomkins MSP
Glasgow Region

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