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John Mason Feedback – TRNSMT 2019

One constituent received the following response from John Mason MSP after raising her concerns about the 2019 event. She added: After reading it my impression is that John Mason is pro TRNSMT and isn’t really concerned about taking any of my points further. Essentially he suggests that if I don’t like it I should move away.  Why should I move away from my home of 8 years, the business I own in the area and my friends because of the start of an event that wasn’t in existence when I moved here?  Having no family in Glasgow I rely on…

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Various feedback from people who live near Glasgow Green following TRNSMT 2019

We headed off for the duration of Trnsmt as we really couldn’t face the disruption again this year of the building shaking and furniture moving, while you’re sitting on it etc! It sounds as if those who were ‘monitoring’ aspects at the event were even more disinterested than in previous years. Greendyke Street Resident I’ve lived here through all three TRNSMT festivals, and this year was by far the worse for anti-social behaviour. The whole area stank of urine and I had to move on kids who were peeing outside our front door. I saw people openly taking drugs, mass…

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